How does the Zonta Club of Hobart provide service to its community?

The Zonta Club of Hobart provides service to women and girls in our community across a range of areas including, health, education,sexual assault, domestic violence and homelessness.  It works closely with other not for profit charitable organisations including Hobart Women's Shelter, Engender Equality and the Migrant Resource Centre.

In consultation with representatives of community groups, the Zonta Club of Hobart  has identified access to affordable housing as a key issue impacting on women's lives. Whilst it is acknowledged women face many challenges such as domestic violence, sexual assault and mental illness, it is difficult to address any of these if women do not have safe and tenured accommodation.  In light of this, the Club has recently decided to primarily direct its funding efforts to assisting women to move into secure housing. This includes assistance with service connections for women migrants who are assisted into accommodation by the Migrant Resource Centre.

Our Current Projects

Zonta Breast Care Cushions

The Zonta Breast Care Cushion aids recovery by allowing the women to sit, sleep and rest comfortably, as well as providing protection while walking around and when wearing seat belts.


Zonta Breast Care Cushion Project has been an endorsed service project in all Zonta Districts in Australia since 2001 and has also been adopted by Zonta Clubs around the world. It is possibly the most widely known Zonta service project in Australia. 


The Zonta club of Hobart provides cushions to Calvary Hosptial and the Jane McGrath nurses.

Home set up kits

From 2019 our club will be funding home set up kits for women who are moving out of temporary emergency housing into more permanent long term accommodation.

This form of practical assistance will provide a starter kit for a woman and her family (pots, pans, dishes,cutlery) so that daily food preparation can be achieved without undue expenditure. 


These starter kits are available locally and can be made available to women through the organisation which is arranging the new accommodation. 


Zonta International is a powerful advocate for change in our local and international communities thereby transforming the world and the place for women in it. Our goal is gender equality by forming affiliations with like-minded organisations and having representation at decision making tables. At an international level Zonta has Consultative and Participatory status with various UN bodies. Zonta Districts in Australia provide a voice to the Australian Government. Zonta Clubs like ours identify issues affecting women and girls In our local area and provide support.

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